How Does The Perfomer5 Help You Ejaculate More?

Simply put, if your body hasn’t got the right nutrients in large enough quantities, your orgasms and ejaculations can only ever be disappointing.

Your body simply cannot produce the large amount of sperm and semen needed for eye watering orgasms, unless you have the specific nutrients your body needs, in specific quantities. And it’s virtually impossible to get the levels you need from your normal diet.

Performer5 has these exact nutrients, in the exact quantities needed to improve your performance far beyond anything you thought possible.

How It Works


jonedwards“I began taking Performer 5 and I am so glad I did. In one month my appetite, stamina and libido tripled and my erections were unstoppable. I now have no problem keeping up with my GF.”
Jon Edwards, Science Lecturer, UK, Birmingham

scottmillsPerformer 5 has made a real difference to my ejaculation volumes. I am now able to make it by the bucket load which is great news for my partner who is dying to have a baby.”
Scott Mills, Gym Instructor, USA, Texas

jimthompson“My orgasms are so much more powerful and my erections are incredible. I couldn’t believe how fast it all worked too. Within a couple of days my penis felt more trained and it was easier to hold off on climaxing which has been great for my sex life.”
Jim Thompson, Researcher, USA, New York

daveilksSix weeks on and our sex life is steaming. My ejaculation volumes have quadrupled, my erections are firmer and our orgasms are better than ever. I am now able to hold off from climaxing and all this extra ejaculate has seriously helped to lengthen the intensity of my orgasms.”
Dave Ilks, Banker, USA, Tennessee